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Q8 Dali 11

Demoulding oil for cement products

Oil Type

Demoulding oil

Available Packaging

208 L



Mining & cement industry

Industrial maintenance



Q8 Dali 11 is an exceptional demoulding oil for cement products. It is developed for tile manufacturing and forms a unique homogenous layer on the mould to provide a better quality of the surface. The light coloured Q8 Dali 11 makes it easy to inspect the quality of the moulds and doesn’t smell. Extensive testing proves that the precise application quantities optimize costs and performance.


Q8 Dali 11 is used for tiles, white cement sheets, cement slates, fence posts and thin flat sections and other prefab elements of medium to higher quality.


Leads to an improved durability of the finished product quality

Superior quality of the surface

Light colour

Neutral in odor

Reliable and durable thanks to an effective demoulding operation

Enriched with special additives

Prevents sticking

Extremely handy to apply

Inherently biodegradable

Sustainability info

The product Carbon Footprint (PCF), cradle-to-gate (Q8Oils state of the art facility in Belgium), of Q8 Dali 11 is 1.24 kg CO2eq / kg. Please contact Q8Oils to learn more about the positive environmental impact, the handprint, of this product. For more info check here

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