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Q8 Dalton 140

Autoclaved aerated concrete demoulding oil

Oil Type

Demoulding oil

Available Packaging

208 L



Mining & cement industry

Industrial maintenance



Q8 Dalton 140 is a superior autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) demoulding oil that ensures exceptional surface quality and clean moulds. The chemically active components and low frictional properties of the oil lead to easy separation of the concrete cake and the mould. Q8 Dalton 140 is easy to apply, does not stain, has an exceptional rust and corrosion protection and a low oil consumption.


Q8 Dalton 140 is used in the production of AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) products such as prefabricated blocks, beams, frames, panels, cladding, etc. Q8 Dalton range has been successfully tested, used or approved by Ytong, Xella, Masa-Henke and Wehrhahn.


Q8 Dalton range should be applied evenly and sparingly by low-pressure spray or brush onto a dry surface, ideally immediately after stripping.

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