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Q8 Gluck S

Advanced heat transfer oil

Oil Type

Heat transfer fluid

Available Packaging

208 L

208 L



Automotive assembly

Chemical industry



Metalworking complementary

Metal industries maintenance

Mining & cement industry

Paper industry

Power generation

Textile industry

Wood industry

Industrial maintenance


Q8 Gluck S is an advanced heat transfer oil with a well selected, highly refined paraffinic base oil. It is used for indirect closed heat transfer systems and has a high heat transfer performance over a wide temperature range. Q8 Gluck S has a long service life thanks to its oxidation stability and low carbon cracking. Its carbon deposition is reduced to a minimum to guarantee a cleaner system.


Q8 Gluck S is used in closed heat transfer systems operating at oil film temperatures of max 330°C.


Improves the durability of the equipment thanks to its characteristics

Excellent heat dissipation

Outstandingly heat-resistant

High flash point

Low residue forming

Excellent thermal persistence

Specifications & approvals


6743-12 Q

Less specifications


Excellent low temperature flow properties (-15°C)

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