One-stop solution

Q8Oils offers a comprehensive range of high-quality lubricants for automotive applications.


As the automotive market becomes increasingly regulated by OEM specifications and government legislation, a wider range of lubricants is needed to meet different applications. We offer a one-stop solution, with products that exceed the highest standards and tailored advice from our automotive experts.

Q8Oils is at the forefront of innovation in new engine design and offers solutions for the changing market. Thanks to our close working relationship with OEMs, our products come with OEM approval.

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Lower total cost of ownership - Automotive - Q8Oils

Lower total cost of ownership

Q8Oils automotive lubricants: the easiest way to decrease your total cost of ownership.

Easy to do business - Automotive - Q8Oils

Easy to do business with Q8Oils

Q8Oils is committed to building strong working relationships with our customers and partners.