Q8Oils sponsors Dakar 2024 team

Kirsten Lykke Bach 9 January 2024 Automotive, Other News, Passenger Cars

The famous Dakar rally is held in Saudi Arabia between 5 and 19 January 2024. Now in its fifth edition, the Dakar rally is poised to present an unprecedented challenge for both participants and their vehicles. Following the initial week, which commenced in AlUla with scorching conditions, competitors are confronted with a unique trial – an Empty Quarter triptych.  In Riyadh where competitors can get a fleeting break, the trial doesn’t easen as the diverse landscape leading from that juncture to the final destination in Yanbu is fraught with intricate navigational dunes that have the potential to reshape the competition dynamics at any given moment.

Q8Oils proudly sponsors the dynamic duo of Lionel Baud and his daughter Lucie Baud, who skillfully navigate their Toyota Hilux Overdrive. Racing is a shared passion within the Baud family, with Lionel and Lucie taking turns behind the wheel of the same car. This isn’t their first collaboration, as the father-daughter pair has already achieved considerable success in multiple races.

Lionel, a seasoned Savoyard business leader with a rally driving career spanning three decades, joins forces with Lucie, boasting an impressive racing resume at the age of 26. The formidable duo clinched the title of Champions of France on dirt in 2019, showcasing their remarkable skills on diverse terrains.

The turning point came during the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge in 2023 when Lucie impressed her father, and in doing so, secured her spot alongside him in the Dakar Rally.



In this edition of the Dakar, the stages are longer and harder than ever, presenting increased challenges. It has become a familiar trend that each year brings a progressively tougher test in the dunes. A rally in which no one is saved as the role of a co-pilot is as intricate as the one of a pilot.

Despite their serious ambitions, Lionel and Lucie approach racing with the primary goal of enjoying themselves while striving for the best possible outcome. We wish them all the best!

All recent updates:

06/01/2024 – 541km | 414km
Stage 1 Update:

As anticipated in the Dakar rally 2024, the first stage has tested the team. The journey began smoothly with their two competitors facing delays, allowing Lucie and Lionel to take the lead.

However, challenges arose when the driveshaft broke in a fragile terrain, leading to significant repair time. Subsequently, the gearbox malfunctioned in the 5th gear only a few kilometers later.

Despite the setbacks, they remained determined to rejoin the race tomorrow.

07/01/2024 – 655km | 463km
Stage 2 Update:

Today, during Stage 2, they maintained a steady pace to sustain momentum in the overall standings. The rally posed a long journey ahead, but each day added to their experience in navigation and dusty driving conditions.

Today, Lionel and Lucie successfully navigated through challenges, securing an incredible 25th position. Tomorrow, a semi-marathon stage awaits with overnight camping.

The road ahead is still lengthy, but every day brings the father-daughter team closer to their goal.

08/01/2024 – 733km | 438km
Stage 3 Update:

Lionel and Lucie’s positive momentum persists as they secured the 15th position in the first part of the marathon stage today! Thanks to the excellent navigation skills of Lucie Baud, they successfully avoided pitfalls and enjoyed managing the car’s mechanics.

Tonight, they will spend the night under the beautiful stars, a lovely father-daughter moment. It gives them time to be fully prepared for the second part of this marathon stage tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for the continuation of this extraordinary adventure!

09/01/2024 – 631km | 299km
Stage 4 Update:

After conquering the first marathon stage, Lionel and Lucie Baud are heading home with beaming smiles, though not without a fair share of accumulated fatigue. The resilient duo is persistently climbing the overall rankings, showcasing their unwavering determination and skill.

As they gear up for tomorrow’s challenge, Lionel and Lucie remain steadfast in their commitment. However, they acknowledge the need for vigilance in the face of the unpredictable terrains that the Dakar Rally throws their way.

10/01/2024 – 727km | 118km
Stage 5 Update: 

Lucie and Lionel Baud experienced a remarkable performance during Stage 5 of the Dakar Rally, securing a commendable 15th place overall. The father-daughter duo expressed genuine satisfaction in witnessing their progress unfold with each passing day. Today’s route, featuring captivating dunes, served as a fitting warm-up for the anticipated 48-hour stage awaiting them tomorrow.

Despite grappling with the challenges posed by extremely rough terrains and the accumulating fatigue, Lucie and Lionel maintained their enthusiasm and joy throughout the journey. The couple emphasized that the pleasure of participating in the Dakar Rally remained undiminished.

They eagerly anticipated the upcoming lengthy stage, ready to embrace the challenges it will bring.

11/01/2024 & 12/01/2024 –  209km | 626km
Stage 6 Update:

In the challenging terrain of Dakar 2024, Lucie and Lionel Baud, showcased remarkable resilience and determination throughout the 48-hour stage.

In the initial part of the stage, the duo, driving their Toyota Overdrive, navigated the dunes with precision, covering extensive kilometers. Lucie’s exceptional navigation skills earned admiration, and the team strategically positioned themselves in the right group. Although the stage presented significant challenges, the satisfaction of being among the frontrunners prevailed.

The second part of the 48-hour stage proved to be a formidable test for Lucie and Lionel and their Toyota. Despite maintaining an impressive rhythm, an unforeseen setback occurred when their hydraulic cylinder jammed, leading to a gradual loss of engine power. Though valuable time was lost in the repairs, the duo remained steadfast in their commitment to the race.

Facing complications with the car’s jacks and an electronic box breakdown, Lucie and Lionel persevered in survival mode, driving the car at a progressively slower pace. The final stretch of the stage became a race against time, with the car ultimately breaking down just a shy 2m of the finish line, concluding their journey in the 48-hour stage. Talk about bad luck after covering 547 km of special stage with all dunes.


Saturday was a day of well-deserved rest, at least for the pilots. The technical team utilized the day to address all problems and challenges, including changing the electrical box and the beam. Their team’s dedication and comprehensive overhaul aimed at repairing and enhancing the car for the upcoming stages.

14/01/2024 – 390km | 483km
Stage 7 Update:

Resuming the race on Sunday for Stage 7, Lucie and Lionel, with their Toyota Overdrive, encountered another breakdown in the power steering 40 kilometers into the stage. Despite losing valuable minutes and navigating through dust amidst trucks, they persevered. A makeshift repair allowed them to continue, pushing hard for the remaining 500 kilometers.

With an unwavering spirit, Lucie and Lionel Baud remain determined to overcome challenges, hoping for a trouble-free day to advance in the rankings as they continue their Dakar 2024 journey. Q8Oils stands proud as the sponsor of this resilient duo, showcasing the endurance and teamwork essential for success in the Dakar Rally.

15/01/2024 – 220km | 458km
Stage 8 Update:

Lucie and Lionel Baud had a remarkable performance in stage 8, securing a top 15 finish and displaying excellent navigation skills. Despite enduring a substantial amount of dust, they rediscovered the joy of driving together.

They are geared up for the next two challenging navigation stages as they continue their ascent in the Dakar Rally.

16/01/2024 – 222km417km
Stage 9 Update:

In today’s stage, Lucie and Lionel faced intricate navigation challenges, but Lucie remained composed and unfazed. As a father, he obtained deep admiration for his daughter’s consistently impressive performance throughout the Dakar Rally.

With another successful stage completed, they find themselves in 25th place overall, bringing smiles to their faces.

17/01/2024 – 241km | 371km
Stage 10 Update:


The duo experienced immense pleasure behind the wheel, allowing them to secure a favourable position overall. This achievement brings joy to the entire team, which has tirelessly worked day and night for the past three weeks to ensure the best conditions for Lucie and Lionel.

As they approach the final two stages, Lucie and Lionel are focused on relishing every moment and reaching the finish line of this iconic automotive event.

Yanbu, the next destination, awaits them. However, they plan to approach it with caution, as tomorrow promises to be the most demanding challenge of the second week. Calmness and thoughtful decision-making will be crucial to preserve their Toyota Overdrive.

18/01/2024 – 107 km420 km
Stage 10 Update: 

To be continued.

Ranking Car: 27th
Ranking Overall: 38th