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Kirsten Lykke Bach 22 October 2021 Automotive
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Recently (April 30, 2021), the European Automobile Association ACEA has released updated and new specifications for engine oil for passenger cars and vans.

This update brings a number of changes compared to the previous ACEA 2016 with discontinued categories, updates categories with new tests and completely new categories. Three important new tests are expected for the industry, reflecting the introduction of new engine technology and the challenges facing present-day high-performance engines: Sequence IX Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) test, Sequence X chain wear test, Toyota turbocharger deposit test. Given the increased move towards hotter operating turbocharged gasoline direct injection engines, the LSPI test is a significant inclusion in the ACEA 2021 release.

ACEA A3 / B3 and ACEA C1 are deleted

To make room for the new categories, it has been found necessary to delete ACEA A3 / B3 and ACEA C1. ACEA A3 / B3 can easily be replaced by category A3 / B4 while ACEA C1 has no immediate replacement. Only Ford originally supported the ACEA C1, but the need has since become very limited, so it was natural to drop the category. Our recommendation is to use Q8 Formula R Long Life 5W-30 which complies with ACEA C4, where ACEA C1 is prescribed as these two categories have the same requirements for content of SAPS, and make purchases on fuel economy where C1 is better compared to C4.

ACEA A3 / B4, A5 / B5, C2 and C5 remain as they are

The basic performance is the same, but the underlying test methods for these categories have been updated to be consistent with available test equipment. Among other things. some of the test requirements have been adapted to the latest API SP requirements. When the methods for API and ACEA become similar, it also becomes cheaper overall to test according to different standards.

New ACEA classes - A7 / B7 and C6

Two new categories have been introduced which very importantly first and foremost include an LSPI test (link to previous article). In addition, new tests have been added for timing chain wear, turbocharger deposits and fuel economy.

The ACEA A7 / B7 is built on top of the ACEA A5 / B5 with the addition of the above tests.

The ACEA C6 is the equivalent of low-SAPS quality built on top of the ACEA C5 with the addition of an additional JASO fuel economy test.

Two significant new categories that raise the level of the engine oils that are in demand for modern small high-performance (downsized) petrol engines with direct injection and turbocharging.

Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-20 and Q8 Formula Hybrid C6 0W-20

Q8 can already offer products that meets the latest class ACEA C6. The starting point for the quality of the Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-20 and Q8 Formula Hybrid C6 0W-20 covers the requirement for ACEA C6. Unique products that covers unique requirements.

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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