New synthetic multipurpose gear oils for passenger cars

Kirsten Lykke Bach 23 April 2018 Automotive, One-stop solution, Passenger Cars
Q8 Unishift PC Synt

Q8Oils launches 2 new Synthetic multi-purpose, dedicated Manual Transmission Fluids for Passenger Car & Light Duty vehicles, to be used in synchromesh manual gearboxes and synchromesh manual transaxles where there also is a demand for high load carrying.

Strong protection

With the new Q8 Unishift PC Synt 75W-80 and 75W, Q8Oils offers the market a synthetic range of passenger car gear oils with improved protection and durability even under extreme pressure. Q8 Unishift PC Synt can offer robust thermal stability, making it suitable for a wide variety of passenger car applications.

Tested by leading OEMs

Q8 Unishift PC Synt has successfully been tested by leading OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and is recommended for most manual transmissions for passenger cars.

Key benefits

  • Provides excellent low temperature fluidity
  • Facilitates gear shifting at low temperatures
  • Suitable for extended application periods
  • Reduces drive-line operating temperatures and internal friction
  • Protects against gear wear
  • Extends equipment life
  • Prevents corrosion

Q8 Unishift PC Synt can be recommended for:

Q8 Unishift Synt can be recommended for:

75W   75W-80
API GL-4 x x
Alfa Romeo API GL-4 x
Citroën PSA B71 2330 x
Fiat API GL-4 x x
Fiat 9.55550-MX3
Fiat 9.55550-MZ1
Ford API GL-4 x
Ford WSD-M2C200-D2 x x
Ford WSD M2C175-A, Ford M2C186-A, Ford WSD-M2C200-C, Ford M2C200-B
Honda Honda MTF II/SG, Special Gear Oil MTF 94, Special Honda MTF x
Mazda API GL-4 x
Mazda API GL-5
Mercedes-Benz MB 235.10 x
Mitsubishi API GL-4 x
Nissan API GL-4 x x
Opel API GL-4, GM 1940768 x
Peugeot PSA B71 2330 x
Seat API GL-4 x x
Volkswagen API GL-4 x x
Volvo API GL-4/GL-5, Volvo 97308, Volvo 97309, Volvo 97310 x
Toyota API GL-4/GL-5 x

The products will be available in following pack sizes

  • Q8 Unishift PC Synt 75W : 60 L, 20 L and 1 L
  • Q8 Unishfit PC Synt 75W-80 : 60 L, 20 L and 1 L

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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