Q8Oils & EELQMS: Leading the field in quality – whitepaper

Kirsten Lykke Bach 28 June 2017 Automotive, Agriculture, Construction, Heavy Duty, Marine Oils, Passenger Cars, Small Engines

At Q8Oils, we believe that producing high-performance engine oil is not simply a matter of fulfilling the manufacturing standards of today. It is about actively setting the new standards of tomorrow.

The automotive landscape has shifted dramatically over the last decade. Today, “high-performance” in an engine no longer simply means speed and power; it means efficiency, resilience and cleanliness too.

At Q8Oils, we believe that this fundamentally changes the requirements for the lubricants industry: For the new breed of high-efficiency, high-performance engines to deliver on their promises, our industry must meet new premium standards too. As long as quality and continuous improvement are our guiding principles, these developments in automotive – restrictions on carbon emissions, demands for greater fuel economy and engine durability – all represent an opportunity for our own industry to grow. State-of-the-art  lubricants will be part of helping to create cleaner cities, more efficient technologies, less waste and more energy. Together with engine manufacturers and consumers, we will be building the future.

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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