Distributor in the spotlight: Schaffeld Mineralöle

Kirsten Lykke Bach 25 February 2022 Automotive
Schaffeld Mineralöl

Since 1983, Schaffeld has been a trustworthy partner of Q8Oils. The German-based company has over 70 years of experience in the distribution of oils, greases and fuels. Schaffeld and Q8Oils both share the drive to deliver high-quality products and services to their customers. In this article we put Schaffeld in the spotlight.

In 1951, Hermann Schaffeld Senior began with the trade of oils and greases. Since then, its company developed itself to a well-respected supplier of oils, greases and fuels, and premium Q8Oils partner.

History of Schaffeld

Business growth in the first years

Five years after the start, Hermann Schaffeld founded the company FR. SCHAFFELD, Oil, Greases and Fuels. In 1961, the company constructed a service-station in Bocholt, while continuing the supply of lubricants and fuels to other service stations.
In 1967, Herman Schaffeld Junior joined the company to perpetuate the further growth of the company.

Changes ahead

In 1990 Schaffeld handed over the exploitation of their service station to ARAL. Two years later, the company constructed a lubricant- and fuel depot in Hamminkeln.
In 1995 the company transformed to SCHAFFELD Markenschmierstoffe und Mineralölhandelsgesellschaft mbH, with the appointment of 3rd-generation directors, Matthias and Andreas Schaffeld. Eight years later, Holger Goronczy was appointed as third director.

Agreement with Q8Oils

After 35 years of distribution of Q8Oils products and as one of the first partners of Q8Oils, the successful cooperation between the two companies was officialised in an agreement, signed on 22nd November 2012.

Since long, Schaffeld is considered as an important component of the Q8-family. The company holds the brand of Q8Oils in high esteem and has been selling Q8Oils lubricants for more than three decades. They have parted with many other suppliers in order to focus on selling Q8Oils lubricants.

Schaffeld Mineralöl
Schaffeld Mineralöl
Schaffeld Mineralöl

Proud Q8Oils partner

Schaffeld is proud to be an official Q8Oils distributor. For decades, their outdoor advertising presents Q8Oils as their most important partner. Their buildings and offices have exclusively Q8Oils- and Schaffeld advertisement and they also own several vehicles with Q8Oils branding. Just recently, they ordered a special truck which can transport all Q8Oils products in bulk, packages or barrels. The 8.000 liters truck is the fifth Q8 Oils-Schaffeld partner truck.

Strong customer focus

Schaffeld’s strategic approach to the market of branded lubricants is based on long-term business relations with suppliers and customers. High-quality products and their urge to offer the best solutions is their trademark. This requires a high expertise and very good contacts with Q8Oils product specialists. When complex application-technical issues occur, Schaffeld will always turn to Q8Oils first.