Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE: Proven Excellence in Heavy-Duty Lubrication

Kirsten Lykke Bach 29 March 2024 Automotive

In the ever-evolving landscape of lubricants for heavy-duty trucks, Q8Oils introduces the revolutionary Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE 75W-85 and 75W-80. This top-tier, fully synthetic axle oil is the culmination of meticulous research and development, driven by the quest for improved energy efficiency and uncompromising protection under loaded conditions.

Two Grades, Synthetic Formulation

Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE is available in two grades in fully synthetic formulations. Developed to meet the demands of a leading Truck OEM for a factory fill Axle Oil, this innovation sets new standards in extreme pressure EP performance, anti-scuffing capabilities, low-temperature viscosity, viscosity retention, and oil drain interval.

Best-in-Class Driveline Protection

Balancing efficiency and durability, the synthetic formulation of Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE optimizes fuel economy by reducing internal friction without compromising on viscosity retention, low-temperature fluidity, or anti-wear capabilities. Advanced extreme pressure (EP) additive technology ensures the highest protection for hypoid gears within axles, enhancing load-carrying capacity and guarding against wear.

Best-in-Class Shear Stability

Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE offer best-in-class shear stability, with only a 1.6% KV100 shear loss compared to competitors with close to 10% shear loss. This remarkable stability is maintained in anti-scuffing performance, showcasing low weight loss in the FZG Anti Scuffing A/8,3/90 ISO 146351 test.

High Extreme Pressure Performance

In the EP 4-Ball test, Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE outshines the competition by demonstrating 11% less wear under a 40 KG load at 40°C, highlighting its exceptional extreme pressure performance.

Supreme Oxidation Stability

The product offers supreme oxidation stability, as evidenced by artificial aging @160°C Method B CEC L-48-00. With only a 0.2% KV100 increase, Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE outperforms competitors with a remarkable oxidation stability result, reducing the risk of deterioration over time.

FZG Energy Efficiency Test

The FZG energy efficiency test further solidifies Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE’s position as a leader, showing a notable 1.8% improvement compared to a market general 75W-85 product and an impressive 6.6% advantage over a lower-tier 75W-90 sample.

Specifications and OEM Approvals

Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE has undergone rigorous testing and obtained approvals from various industry specifications and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).


Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE 75W-80

  • API GL-5
  • DAF
  • MB
  • Volvo 97317 (GO 102)


8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE 75W-85

  • API GL-5
  • DAF
  • MB 235.31
  • SAE J 2360
  • Scania STO 1:0
  • ZF TE-ML 04G/ TE-ML 07A/ TE-ML 80


These accreditations underscore the product’s adherence to industry standards, ensuring compatibility and compliance with the specifications of major truck manufacturers.


Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE stands as a supreme full synthetic transmission fluid designed for heavy-duty axles with specific low-temperature fluidity requirements. Its best-in-class protection against extreme pressure and wear, exceptional stability in varying temperatures, and superior oxidation resistance make it the preferred choice for heavy-duty applications, recommended for API GL-5, MB 235.31, and DAF Axles. Embrace the future of lubrication with Q8 Axle Oil XG Synt FE.

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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