Q8Oils introduces Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-30 for BMW engines

Kirsten Lykke Bach 27 May 2017 Automotive, Passenger Cars
Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-30

Q8Oils launches its new state-of-the-art BMW engine oil Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-30, which is a new Euro 6 synthetic Top Tier Low SAPS engine oil for BMW Long Life 12FE applications using BMW LL-12FE approved technology.

BMW has introduced the Long Life 12FE engine oil specification for their latest BMW Euro 6 diesel engines. Fuel Economy Improvement and exhaust gas after-treatment system protection for BMW Euro 6 diesel engines were the main targets, next to further improvement of Biodiesel Compatibility.

Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-30

Key benefits

  • Reduces overall fuel consumption
  • Low SAPS formulation protecting the Exhaust Catalyst and Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Ultra-low in Phosporous to protect SCR Euro 6 Exhaust Gas After treatment systems
  • Excellent engine cleanliness and wear protection increasing engine durability
  • Excellent bio-diesel compatibility

ACEA C2-12 specification level

Q8 Formula Special FE 0W-30 meets the ACEA C2-12 performance level. BMW has adopted urea based SCR (Selective Catalyst Reduction) technology as many other OEMs for their Euro 6 diesel engines to reduce NOx emissions, whilst it also helps to improve fuel economy. This new engine oil can also be used for BMW gasoline engines from 2002 onwards.

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