Q8Oils heavy duty diesel oils receive SDMO-Kohler approval

Kirsten Lykke Bach 15 May 2019 Automotive, Heavy Duty

Q8Oils has obtained SDMO-Kohler approvals for its Q8 heavy duty diesel oils. This enables Q8Oils to further strengthen its market position in the steady growing diesel power generation market.

After a successful joint meeting between Q8 Oils- and SDMO-Kohler representatives, the Q8 heavy duty diesel oils range is now listed on the lubricants approval list for the SDMO-Kohler KD engine series.

Wide range to cover all needs

In the highly competitive heavy duty diesel engines sector, every business is looking to improve fuel efficiency, minimize downtime, reduce maintenance costs and cut harmful emissions.

With Q8 T 750 15W-40, Q8 T 800 10W-40, Q8 T 860 10W-40, Q8 T 905 10W-40, Q8 Formula Truck 6800 10W-40 and Q8 Formula Truck 8500 10W-40, Q8Oils can cover most SDMO-Kohler market needs by providing high quality approved engine lubricants.

The Q8 heavy duty diesel oils range deliver the performance and savings essential for effective diesel engine- and power solutions.

The new SDMO-Kohler approvals give Q8Oils access to the SDMO-Kohler diesel power generation market.

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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