Scania confirms Q8 Formula Truck oils to be fit for service

Kirsten Lykke Bach 20 December 2018 Automotive, Heavy Duty, One-stop solution
Q8 Formula Truck

In a formal letter Scania has confirmed that the new Q8 Formula Truck 8700 FE 5W-30 and 8800 FE 5W-30 meet their LDF-4 specifications. With this, Q8Oils is proud to declare that the new Q8 Formula Truck range passed all industry- and OEM tests. These lubricants offer the best combination of performance and fuel economy.

The Q8 Formula Truck products raise the bar in standards of performance, maximising engine efficiency and exceeding the most stringent requirements of engine manufacturers and international specifications. In addition to the existing OEM approvals and recommendations, the confirmation of Scania is yet again a proof that our efforts to improve fuel consumption, minimise downtime, reduce maintenance costs and cut harmful emissions, are really paying off.

The best combination of performance and fuel savings

At Q8Oils we rely on cutting-edge technology to produce lubricants that deliver exceptional performance while protecting the environment. Q8 Formula Truck is a range of synthetic, low viscosity heavy duty oils designed to meet the environmental requirements of the latest Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI engines.

Field tests have proven that these lubricants reduce fuel consumption up to 1,3 %. Furthermore they offer advanced protection against bore polishing, cam wear and corrosion. Thanks to the extended oil drain intervals, the Q8 Formula Truck oils minimise downtime, keeping your vehicles longer on the road.

Why choose Q8 Formula Truck?

  • It offers Fuel Economy Improvements up to 1,3 % for on-highway applications and Fuel Economy Improvements up to 3,3% for off highway including start-stop cycles..
  • It provides enhanced durability and protection, reducing wear and oxidation.
  • It enables a reduction of maintenance costs due to longer drain intervals.
  • It is fully compatible with biofuel for optimized cold starting properties.
  • It is perfect for mixed fleet application, enabling reduced stock levels.
  • It has low Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur content (SAPS), protecting the diesel particle filters (DPF), CRT-systems and catalytic after treatment systems (SCR).

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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