Q8 Gear Oil V LD: the ultimate synthetic high performance manual transmission fluid

Kirsten Lykke Bach 30 May 2023 Automotive, Heavy Duty, Other News

In the constantly evolving world of transmission design, lubricants play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and durability. Q8 Gear Oil V LD is a cutting-edge, full-synthetic high-performance Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) specifically engineered for use in manual transmissions of heavy-duty vehicles. This advanced MTF has been developed to meet the stringent requirements of industry organizations such as API, as well as the lubricant specifications of renowned OEMs including Volvo, MAN, and Mercedes-Benz. Let’s explore the features and benefits of Q8 Gear Oil V LD.

Enhanced Durability, Cleanliness, and Fuel Economy

As transmission design constantly evolves, it becomes crucial for lubricants to keep pace. They must adapt to new materials, design parameters, and heightened performance demands.
Q8 Gear Oil V LD sets a new benchmark in transmission lubrication technology:

• It is formulated using the most advanced techniques to provide comprehensive transmission durability and cleanliness.
• It delivers reliable protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation throughout the entire oil drain interval.
• With its class-leading shear stability, it maintains a stable viscosity, ensuring excellent performance under demanding conditions.
• Its best-in-class oxidation control prevents oil thickening and degradation during use.

Q8 Gear Oil V LD minimizes costly downtime and keeps your vehicles performing at their best in all conditions. This synthetic lubricant contributes to increased fuel economy, thereby reducing operating costs for your heavy-duty fleet.

Optimum Synchronizer Compatibility

Modern manual transmissions often contain synchronizers to facilitate smooth gear engagement, braking, and acceleration. These synchronizers consist of various frictional materials, such as molybdenum, carbon, or metal sinter, each with different properties. Effective lubrication of these components is essential to prevent wear while maintaining the necessary friction for seamless operation.

Q8 Gear Oil V LD is specially designed to be compatible with a wide range of synchronizer materials. By reducing synchromesh wear and providing easy gear shifting, this exceptional MTF enhances driving comfort while extending the lifespan of your transmission. Furthermore, Q8 Gear Oil V LD offers the highest level of protection for bearings and gear teeth, even under the most severe operating conditions.

Application of Q8 Gear Oil V LD

Q8 Gear Oil V LD is specifically formulated for manual transmissions in heavy-duty vehicles. It meets the lubricant quality requirements for a variety of specifications. Whether you own a fleet of heavy-duty trucks or operate machinery that demands reliable transmission performance, Q8 Gear Oil V LD is the ideal choice to ensure optimal lubrication across a wide temperature range, from extremely high to extremely low outside temperatures.



Q8 Gear Oil V LD stands as a testament to Q8Oils’ commitment to providing innovative lubrication solutions for heavy-duty vehicles. With its exceptional performance, this synthetic high-performance Manual Transmission Fluid surpasses industry standards and OEM specifications, ensuring superior durability, cleanliness, and fuel economy.
By choosing Q8 Gear Oil V LD, you can enjoy extended oil drain intervals, reduced maintenance costs, and the peace of mind that comes with optimal transmission performance. Invest in Q8 Gear Oil V LD today and experience the difference it makes in your heavy-duty fleet.

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