Sebastien Baud: Q8Oils’ star in Motorsport

Laura Steyaert 22 April 2024 Other News

Everything there is to know about Sebastien Baud, a remarkable talent in the world of motorsport. And, for the last three years, a proud ambassador for Q8Oils.

Sebastien Baud is an experienced and passionate racing driver with a track record in various motorsport events. His dedication to the motorsport industry has shown promising results on track, earning him recognition in the racing community.
Throughout his career, Sebastien has achieved notable milestones. In 2018, he clinched the championship title in the French Mitjet 2L and Supertourisme categories, showcasing his skills behind the wheel. Subsequent years saw Sebastien’s continued ascent, with victories in prestigious events such as the European Carrera Cup and the GT World Challenge.


Sebastien Baud behind the wheel of his GT3 Corvette car, 2024.
Sebastien Baud behind the wheel of his GT3 Corvette car, 2024.

With victories in prestigious championships like the French Mitjet 2L and Supertourisme in 2018, he showcased his abilities and determination early on, securing first place finishes. Transitioning to GT4 racing in 2021, he embarked on a new chapter, competing in both European and French circuits under the banner of Mercedes-AMG.

This momentum launched him into the world of GT3 racing. GT3 and GT4 are two categories within GT racing. Where GT4 cars are closer to their road-going counterparts, GT3 cars are built to higher performance standards, featuring more advanced technology, aerodynamics, and power, professionally designed for racing.

Sébastien pursued a double GT3 program in 2022, making significant strides with the GET SPEED team in renowned competitions like GT Open and GT World Challenge, achieving podium finishes. In 2023, he continued to excel, securing another series of podium finishes and earning accolades in the GT World Challenge Endurance and Sprint categories, solidifying his position among the top drivers in the sport.



As of this year, 2024, Sebastien Baud has teamed together with theTF Sport’s team, driving a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.Rs.

As a proud partner of Sebastien Baud, Q8Oils is honored to support him on his journey to success. Together, we share a commitment to innovation, performance, and success, and we look forward to achieving new heights together in the world of motorsport.

Follow Sebastien Baud’s exciting journey through the 2024 races by keeping up with the updates below.

Photo Credit: Ph Enrico Ghidini

All Recent Updates:

Qatar Ι March 2
R1 – 1812km 

Sebastien Baud concluded the season-opening event of the FIA World Endurance Championship with his Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.Rs earning points in what promises to be a highly competitive LMGT3 class throughout the season.

Baud and his team clinched a 10th-place finish at the conclusion of the Qatar Airways Qatar 1812 Km in the No. 82 Corvette Z06 GT3.R. This race marked TF Sport’s debut under the Corvette Racing banner, as well as the first race for Baud and his team, making their inaugural start as WEC full-season competitors. Their collective efforts secured two championship points.

The team starting the race from the 11th position. However, despite being the youngest driver in the TF Sport lineup at 23 years old, Sebastien showcased impressive pace, matching the lap times of his more seasoned teammates. Baud delivered a strong performance during the fiercely competitive mid-pack battles amidst the 18-car field.

Italy Ι April 21
R2 – 6h of LMOLA

Weather played a pivotal role in the outcomes of the thrilling Six Hours of Imola, where Sebastien Baud secured eighth-place finish in the LMTGT3 class of the FIA World Endurance Championship.

This event marked the second outing for the inaugural Corvette GT3 car in the FIA WEC and its debut at Imola. Despite the unfamiliarity, Sebastien achieved commendable results, with his car landing in the top-10, joining a select group of teams.

The race saw seven full-course yellow periods (= Under a yellow flag, the pace car returns to the track at the head of the pack, and speed is reduced to about freeway speed. No one is allowed to pass another car under the caution, and certainly not the pace car), including two in the first 40 minutes, along with two safety car interventions.

Despite challenging weather conditions midway through the race, Baud navigated skillfully, maintaining track position amidst changing circumstances. He made a strategic decision to switch to wet-weather tires, becoming the first LMGT3 team to do so. However, the track conditions provided a high level of grip, minimizing the advantage of the tire change. As the race progressed, they switched back to dry tires, but traffic and lingering dampness prevented a push for a top-five finish.

His performance didn’t go unnoticed as he won the Best & Fastest Driver – award. A big congratulations to Sebastien and his team!

Looking ahead, they gear up for the Six Hours of Spa on Saturday, May 11, in the FIA WEC calendar.

Belgium Ι May 11 
R3 – 6h Spa-Francorchamps

What an exhilarating race it turned out to be!

Sebastien Baud’s journey from the 16th grid position was nothing short of remarkable during the 3rd race of the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship at Spa.

With his team member, Hiroshi Koizumi, initiating the race from 16th, the team faced an early setback as they slipped to 17th after a couple of hours of intense driving.  Handing over the wheel, Sebastien’s resilience and skill were on full display as he surged through the ranks, swiftly climbing to an impressive 12th position. But already in the 3rd round, misfortune struck in the form of a tire puncture, relegating them back to 15th place.

Photo by Julien Delfosse – DPPI

As if that wasn’t challenging enough, a heart-stopping moment unfolded as a collision occurred between both Cadillac and BMW cars. Fortunately, both drivers emerged unharmed, but their vehicles were left heavily damaged. With race management taking swift action to clear the wreckage and repair the guardrail, there was a tense wait of nearly two hours before the race could resume.

Sebastien’s determination remained unshaken as he restarted from 15th position. In a testament to his skill, he not only reclaimed his position but also set the fastest lap, clocking an impressive time of 2:21.525 hours. This is the second of only three races for Sebastien. Call that impressive!
Despite their best efforts, breaking into the top 10 proved elusive, with Sebastien ultimately finishing in 12th place. Yet, his unwavering perseverance and remarkable performance throughout the race left a proud impression on all Q8Oils guests.


France Ι June 15-16
R4 – 24h of Le Mans

Coming Soon! Be sure to follow for more.

Brazil Ι July 14
R5 – 6h of São Paulo

USA Ι September 1
R6 – Lone Star Le Mans (cota)

Japan Ι September 15 
R7 – 6h of Fuji

Bahrain Ι November 2
R8 – 8h of Bahrain



Sebastien Baud winning Best & Fastest Driver in Imola, 2024.