Conqord Oil becomes Q8Oils Italia

Q8Oils Marketing 6 October 2021 Other News
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The name change marks the birth of new strategies: the link with Q8, the brand belonging to Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI), one of the most important energy players in the world, becomes even more evident for Conqord Oil.

Conqord Oil S.r.l., a virtuous Italian company specializing in the research, development and marketing of Q8Oils and Roloil branded lubricants for the automotive and industrial sector, changes its company name to Q8Oils Italia S.r.l.

This move continues the path started in 1988, when Kuwait Petroleum International acquired the ROL (Raffineria Oli Lubrificanti) and the Roloil brand, present on the market since 1933. A new company was born, whose name was chosen to celebrate the agreement between the two companies. The exchange of skills immediately improved the competitive advantage on the market and consequently the market share.

A perfect balance between innovation and tradition is the spirit that has always characterized the people who work in Q8Oils Italia: preserving the experience gained over the years whilst meeting the service level required by the challenges of the future.

Today, the link with Kuwait Petroleum International becomes even stronger and gives life to Q8Oils Italia. Q8Oils Italia stands for greater strength without any changes on the operational level. This is guaranteed by the same people as before.

The tax code, VAT number, registered office and administrative office remain unchanged.

As a first initiative Q8Oils Italia has decided to invest in two of its most important assets:

  • The blending plant: an improvement has been planned in the department where the most strategic fluids are produced, namely Metalworking Fluids. The improvement involves the expansion of production capacity and the inclusion of new technologies and automation processes. This initiative will also bring benefits in terms of enhancement of the local territory.
  • The Roloil brand: a complete rebranding process was completed on our brand, that has always been highly recognizable and fundamental in our company’s strategies. The aim is to relaunch it and equip it with new dynamic and captivating communication tools.

Yesterday’s experience, looking into the future.