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Kirsten Lykke Bach 19 January 2019 Automotive, Heavy Duty, Reduce your total cost of ownership
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Q8Oils has developed a new Top Tier Heavy Duty Diesel Oil (HDDO): Q8 Formula Truck 6500. This new product range enables extended oil drains in combination with high sulphur diesel fuel.

The new Q8 Formula 6500 series was developed by the in-house Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology (KPR&T) department. The main driver for the new formulation was TBN (Total Base Number) retention.

High TBN and large acid neutralization

For export markets, fuel quality can differ significantly in terms of higher sulphur levels. High sulphur fuel increases acidification of the oil leading to accelerated oil degradation. However, Q8 Formula Truck 6500 series with a high TBN of 16.0 mg KOH/gr have large acid neutralization capabilities to extend oil life.

Q8 Formula Truck 6500 series use a very robust synthetic formulation, offering a class leading performance.

Two viscocity grades

Q8Oils’ new HDDO range consists of two viscosity grades:

  • 10W-40
  • 15W-50

The robust 15W-50 viscosity grade is recommended for mining applications where enhanced film thickness strength for optimal anti-wear protection is key.

The thicker viscosity of the 15W-50 grade in combination with a limited use of Viscosity Index Improver guarantees good viscosity retention for optimal engine wear protection also in combination with fuel dilution.

A cost effective solution for clean engines

Q8 Formula Truck 6500 series technology has enhanced dispersancy and detergency properties to guarantee good engine cleanliness under most severe conditions. It makes use of a Boosted Top Tier High SAPS ACEA E4 / API CI-4 technology and is suitable for use in most ACEA E4 / API CI-4 applications. Q8 Formula Truck 6500 series does not contain official OEM approvals and is a cost effective solution in addition to our current OEM approved Q8 T860 & Q8 T860 S range. Industry and OEM specifications are available as recommendations.

From our expert Kirsten Lykke Bach

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