Peace of mind

As a global player with OEM approved, high-performance products and an excellent support service, we give our customers peace of mind.


Our Q8 Routine Analysis Service (QRAS) provides a detailed and reliable report on the condition of your oil.

Q8Oils offers additional services, including oil analysis and condition monitoring. We analyse your oil samples using our extensive knowledge to produce a report and recommendations to optimise oil performance for your compressors.

Global player, local support

Q8Oils has customers in more than 90 countries worldwide thanks to our strong customer centric approach based on product and service innovation, technical expertise and support.

Choose Q8Oils and you also choose...

Lower Operational Costs - Energy - Q8Oils

Lower operational costs

Increase productivity, limit downtime and gain competitive advantage.

Own R&D - Energy - Q8OIls

Own Research and Development

Q8Oils’ own R&D team develops bespoke formulations and specialised additive packages.