Own Research and Development

Q8Oils’ own R&D team develops bespoke formulations and specialised additive packages.


Our Research and Development (R&D) programme is a key element in our innovative product and service strategy. Our highly qualified scientists conduct extensive research to determine the future technical requirements of lubricants, allowing us to exceed customer expectations and meet constantly-changing environmental legislation.

Q8Oils’ R&D team develops custom-made formulations and specialised additive packages for high performance applications in the energy market. We offer bespoke solutions for every challenge with products that far exceed average standards of quality and performance. Q8Oils’ technical team shares its expertise with customers worldwide.

Q8Oils’ valuable expertise and custom development

Q8Oils develops products, services and solutions that help improve the profitability and sustainability of your business.

We develop, blend and deliver a portfolio of more than 1,000 technology-enhanced lubricants to suit every application, from the smallest consumer to the largest machine. Q8Oils sets the benchmark for products that exceed the highest performance requirements at competitive prices.

Based on cutting-edge research in Q8Oils’ European laboratories, we manufacture a comprehensive range of lubricants in our own blending plants. Using high-quality base oils and drawing on the latest technological innovations guarantees products of the highest quality, which are approved by major OEMs.

Component based Development

Q8Oils is a specialist in the energy sector. We develop products that are based on additive components, unlike many other companies which use additive packages. This means that we can offer products specifically designed for each application.

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Peace of mind

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