Q8Oils and VPK Group’s Circular Success Story

Alex Maltchev 16 May 2024 Energy

In the dynamic world of industry collaboration, partnerships that seamlessly align with sustainability goals are not just commendable but crucial. As a leading player in the lubricants industry, Q8Oils found a perfect match in VPK Group, an international supplier of sustainable packaging solutions. This collaboration goes beyond the traditional supplier relationship, forming a circular story of mutual benefit and shared values.

Wanted: Partner for operational success

VPK Group, while collaborating with their service & maintenance partner, a global leader in multi-technical installations and maintenance services, sought advice on optimizing their operations and find a supplier for the oil of their biogas motor. It was here that the recommendation for Q8Oils came into play. Recognizing the need for a partner that could keep their operations running smoothly, VPK Group turned to Q8Oils, setting the stage for a partnership that would prove to be advantageous for both parties.

Q8Oils: The perfect fit

Q8Oils emerged as the ideal partner for VPK Group due to its ability to deliver gas engine oil directly in bulk with fast and efficient services, coupled with a competitive offer. The collaboration involved the utilization of Jenbacher S Oil 40 for the biogas motor in VPK Group’s production facilities. This gas engine oil is closely monitored through Q8Oils’ QRAS-service (Q8 Routine Analysis Service). The high-performing products and added services of Q8Oils ensure longer service life and, crucially, avoid costly production downtime.

About Jenbacher S Oil 40

Jenbacher S Oil 40, jointly developed by Q8Oils and INNIO for non-natural gas engines, extends oil service intervals by up to 80%, validated in lab and field tests.

Specifically designed for Jenbacher Type 2, 3, 4, and 6 engines, it provides outstanding oxidation stability, acid neutralization, and deposit protection, resulting in significant cost savings and reliable performance with high H2S content gases.

Circular Synergy in Operations

What makes this collaboration truly circular is the reciprocal relationship in the business operations. While Q8Oils provides essential gas engine oil to VPK Group, the latter, in turn, supplies Q8Oils with sustainable packaging solutions. VPK Group, committed to eco-friendly practices, utilizes recycled paper as the raw material for their 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Q8Oils’ strategic choice of VPK Group

Q8Oils wasn’t just looking for a packaging supplier; they sought a partner that could guide and assist them in the automation process. The importance of service in addition to quality led Q8Oils to VPK Group. The packaging solutions provided by VPK Group didn’t merely meet the requirements but exceeded expectations. The CAS23, a case maker capable of handling high-quality prints, played a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics of Q8Oils’ products. The striking print realized by VPK Group on the packaging not only aligns with Q8Oils’ brand image but also earned them the prestigious DIAMOND award at the FTA awards in 2021.

Results speak louder than words

The results of this collaborative circular effort are tangible and impactful. The packaging solution implemented by VPK Group at Q8Oils’ blending plant in Antwerp has led to significant time savings in production, thanks to its automatic setup features. The angled flaps facilitate easier setup, contributing to a streamlined process. Moreover, the high-quality printing on the white box has not only enhanced brand awareness for Q8Oils but has also set their products apart on the shelves, contributing to increased visibility and customer engagement.

Conclusion: A win-win circular tale

In conclusion, the collaboration between Q8Oils and VPK Group exemplifies a circular tale of mutual benefit, sustainability, and shared values. It’s not just about a supplier and a client but a partnership that enhances operational efficiency, reduces environmental impact, and adds value to both organizations. As industries continue to evolve, stories like these serve as beacons, guiding others towards collaborative efforts that go beyond transactions, creating a circular economy for a brighter and more sustainable future.


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