The value of performance evaluation tests for gas engines

Yves Brun 31 May 2020 Energy, Gas Engine Oils
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The energy market is high-demanding when it comes to the lubrication of gas engines. The performance of the oil is of the utmost importance for gas engine owners. Switching to a new oil is not common because operators fear the financial risks of an inferior oil performance. Yet relying on a professional performance evaluation test, many existing gas engines could benefit from the added value of new lubricants.

Financial risks for gas engine owners

OEM approvals help energy installation owners to select oils that meet the engine requirements. However, between the different brands and oil types approved by the engine manufactures, there are big differences in quality and performance. Switching to a new oil, even one that is accredited with a OEM approval, brings financial risks that many gas engine owners are not willing to take. Not using the most efficient oil will indeed generate a lower engine availability and thus a reduction of the electrical production, being the source of remuneration for the operator.

How to analyse the performance of lubricants

Gas engine owners will only switch to a new oil when they are convinced it will improve the performance of the installation. So the million dollar question is: how can you be sure that one oil type offers better results than the other? By comparing their performances in the same specific, real-life conditions.

Our performance evaluation test is an objective way to measure performance and results between different oils and brands. It gives our customers a perfect comparative view on the quality of the oils in terms of wear-protection, deposit tendency and overall engine cleanliness.

Customer benefits calculation

Q8 performs extended performance evaluation test on customers’ sites. After a cogeneration period of several months we compare:

  • Drain interval
  • Oil consumption
  • Cost of the oil
  • Operating gains/losses

In the end, it all comes down to efficiency, value and return on investment. As the results of the analysis are 100% objective and trustworthy, we are able to deliver a value report which indicates the gains in:

  • Production efficiency
  • Engine downtime
  • Overall value for the customer

The added value of Q8Oils

The technology of our gas engine oils has been successfully proven in our customers engines over the last 25 years. Our Q8 Mahler range is the best suited lubricant solution for the increasing number of high-efficiency engines.

Q8Oils has decades of experience and expertise in the Gas Engine market. We are eager to share this knowledge with our customers, providing them the benefits of our analysis, consultancy and recommendations. It is exactly this experience sharing that sets us apart from other oil manufacturers. Selling lubricants is not our sole objective. We aim at a long-lasting partnership, adding value in terms of business processes improvement and production efficiency.

From our expert Yves Brun

Yves has been working for Q8Oils since 2000 and is specialized in the Energy sector, more specifcally in performance evaluation and optimization. Besides that he is familiar with the paper industry and has a background in sales.

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