Dutch Ministry of Defence signs new four-year contract for Q8 Turbine Oil O-253

Palub 23 April 2021 Energy, Turbine Oils
Dutch Navy Ship

Q8Oils and the ABB division of the Dutch Ministry of Defence recently signed a four-year contract for the purchase of Q8 Turbine Oil O-253. This lubricating oil follows the NATO guide for lubrication oil, steam turbine and gear light service.

ABB (Afdeling Brand- en Bedrijfsstoffen) is responsible for supplying fuels and operating materials to the Dutch Ministry of Defence. In order to guarantee the lubrication of marine gearboxes, general mechanical applications and certain hydraulic applications, ABB recently signed a four-year contract with Q8Oils for the purchase of Q8 Turbine Oil O-253.

The contract was signed by Frank Rouwens, General Manager of Q8Oils, and Erik Ensing, Commander NLD MOD Fuel at the Lubricants and Chemicals Department of the Dutch Ministry of Defence.
The recent contract is actually a renewal of the previous one.
“Q8Oils knows what we need and is very flexible”, says Ensing. “That’s why we are very pleased to continue our collaboration.”

More about Q8 Turbine Oil O-253

Q8 Turbine Oil O-253 is a high performance lubricating oil for steam turbines and light gear service. The product meets the Dutch Ministry of Defence specification for O-253 and the NATO specification for 0-253.
It is suitable for marine gearbox lubrication systems, for general mechanical lubrication and in hydraulic applications and primarily used on HNLMS ships.
Since its development by Q8Research, the turbine oil has proven its value for more than 15 years.

Enhanced technology for extended oil life

Q8 Turbine Oil O-253 has all the qualities necessary for marine lubrication applications:

  • Good static and dynamic friction coefficient
  • High oxidation stability, guaranteeing long oil life under continuous and severe operating conditions
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Outstanding air release properties
  • Excellent filterability characteristics

The product does not contain any active sulphur, calcium or zinc based EP additives.

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