RPVOT stability of Q8 Volta EP

Joris van der List 21 January 2019 Energy, Own Research and Development, Turbine Oils
Q8 Volta EP

Q8 Volta EP is a high-performance gas and steam turbine oil, based on Group III base fluid. The oil was specially developed for its excellent oxidation stability and wear protection as the oil is in use. The RPVOT value indicates the remaining lifetime of a lubricant. Laboratory testing has shown that the RPVOT stability of Q8 Volta EP remains good as the oil ages.

Oxidation stability is one of the major challenges for gas and steam turbine oils. The Q8 Volta EP excels in this point. Thanks to its good RPVOT stability, the product is first choice for many gas and steam turbines owners.

What is the RPVOT value?

The Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test (RPVOT) determines the oxidation stability of an oil. The test measures the actual resistance to oil oxidation whereas most other tests detect oxidation that is already present in the oil.

Thanks to the RPVOT you can respond early to pending problems before the oil and/or turbine is irreversibly damaged. The test is perfect for high-duty applications, such as steam and gas turbines.

RPVOT value of Q8 Volta EP

As proven in laboratory testing, Q8 Volta EP has a good RPVOT stability, even when the oil ages. However, most turbine oil specifications are based on fresh oil performance and not on performance in use.

Most specifications only require a certain minimum RPVOT value. Q8 Volta EP meets these requirements, but (like any other turbine oil) product performance can be very sensitive to minor contaminations.

How contamination and treat rate affect RPVOT

KPR&T (Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology) has evaluated how a minor contamination (+1.5 %-mass HDDO (Heavy Duty Diesel Oil) which contains approximately 50 ppm of Calcium (Ca)) affects the RPVOT of Q8 Volta EP. The results and minimum requirements of major specifications are shown in the graph below.

Q8 Volta EP


The test results confirm that minor contaminations (with HDDO) have a major effect on RPVOT performance. Especially the contaminations may result in not meeting industry requirements. The results also confirm the key role of blending plants for good quality products like Q8 Volta EP.

From our expert Joris van der List

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