Q8Oils presents innovative high ash gas engine oil at UNITI 2019

Joris van der List 3 April 2019 Energy, Gas Engine Oils, Lower operational costs
Q8Oils Uniti

Q8Oils will present their new high ash gas engine oil during the international UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress. The new Q8 Mahler GR8 offers major improvements in engine cleanliness as well as drain interval. It challenges the guideline of low ash gas engine oils and reduces operational costs of stationary gas engines.

The international UNITI Mineral Oil Technology Congress is the annual highlight for all specialists of the lubricants and fuel sector as well as experts of the mechanical engineering and automotive industry. The congress provides an excellent platform for networking and information sharing about innovations, future demands and developments on an international level.
The topics of the congress include the most recent industry trends of lubricants and fuels from research to practical applications.

Q8Oils asked to present gas engine innovation

The organization of the UNITI Congress has given Q8Oils the opportunity to present the advantages of an optimized, high ash gas engine oil in a high BMEP gas engine.

On Wednesday 3 April Dr. A.N.C. Van Laak, Product developer at Kuwait Petroleum Research and Technology, will take the stage to explain how new high ash lubricant technology reduces the total cost of ownership for gas engines.

Why low ash gas engine oils are recommended

The current guideline for gas engine dictates the use of a low ash gas engine oil to minimize and control the fouling and wear caused by deposits. This recommendation is based on past experience with gas engines and gas engine oil technology. Yet, lubricants and gas engines have evolved significantly in the last decade.

Improvements on engine efficiency (higher BMEP), lower oil consumption and the increased use of steel pistons in gas engines have increased the mechanical and thermal stress on stationary gas engine oils. This can cause problems such as ring sticking due to deposit formation in top ring piston grooves, affecting engine efficiency and reliability.

Controlling the deposits and engine cleanliness during gas engine operation is a key factor in controlling the total cost of ownership.

New high ash gas engine oils decreases operational costs

Based on the current guideline for gas engine oils a high ash gas engine oil is not favourable, because they have a negative impact on the engine cleanliness. However, higher ash oils have a higher TBN, which has a major advantage for increasing the drain interval.

With the Q8 Mahler GR8, Q8Oils has developed a new high ash gas engine oil with carefully balanced additive components that improves engine cleanliness and offers long drain intervals engine oil.

The innovative clean technology program offers a range of benefits:

  • Extended oil drain intervals due to high oxidation resistance resulting in lower operational costs
  • Low deposit tendency and good resistance against pre-ignition
  • Good acid neutralizing capacities as a result of high TBN retention
  • Excellent anti-wear properties, protecting against valve seat recession, ring sticking, rust and corrosion

This product hereby challenges the current guideline of a low ash gas engine oil and reduces the total cost of ownership for the gas engine.

Q8Oils Uniti

From our expert Joris van der List

After working 8 years in the Q8Research institute in Rotterdam, Joris van der List joined Q8Oils in 2011. Next to being Technology Manager, he is expert in the Energy segment and has a background in mechanical engineering.

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