How to avoid varnishing in turbine oils

Joris van der List 28 September 2017 Energy, Turbine Oils
Q8 Van Gogh EP 46 compressor

Varnishing is a form of lubricant degradation causing the formation of undesirable deposits. In turbine systems, few failure conditions can disrupt operations as quickly and completely as a varnished control valve. It can occur in the most well-maintained machines, even when oils are not particularly old or contaminated. The Q8 van Gogh turbine oils improve the resistance against varnishing, resulting in a higher stability and extended lifetime of your turbine.

Varnish control

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of reported cases associated with varnish formation in turbine applications. The extensive research and development efforts of Q8Oils has come up with a range of turbine oils that control varnishing and guarantee a longer product life.

Q8 van Gogh oils have undergone additional processing, resulting in greater varnishing and ageing resistance. Due to excellent solubility, these oils avoid the formation of deposits on turbine components, improving the stability and cleanliness of your turbine.

Longer product lifetime

To prove the superior performance of the Q8 van Gogh turbine oils we performed a test at one of our PowerGen customers in Germany. We proposed to lubricate one of the customers’ three Siemens gas turbines with Q8 van Gogh EP 46 turbine oil. While in operation samples were taken from the turbine systems for laboratory screening and evaluation. The results of the ageing tests confirmed:

  • improved resistance against varnishing
  • + 25% extended product lifetime

One solution for all turbine types

The Q8 van Gogh range delivers high performance turbine oils for both steam- and gas turbine circulation systems.

Q8Oils has a proven track record in turbine applications where reliability is essential and operating conditions are stressful. Gas and steam turbines that use Q8 van Gogh oils can expect a long and trouble free life.

Interested in another turbine oil solution that avoids varnishing and protects your system against corrosion and oxidation? Take a look at our Q8 Volta range, with its very good water separation performance and rapid air release properties.

From our expert Joris van der List

After working 8 years in the Q8Research institute in Rotterdam, Joris van der List joined Q8Oils in 2011. Next to being Technology Manager, he is expert in the Energy segment and has a background in mechanical engineering.

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