Wärtsilä approval for Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40

Alex Maltchev 22 December 2022 Energy, Gas Engine Oils
Wartsila engine

Wärtsilä approved Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 gas engine oil for the use in several Wärtsilä engine types, with natural gas as main fuel. The approval is the result of an 8.411-hour validation test at the Rofeica Energia power plant located in Spain. 

Wärtsilä holds 6% of the world market of gas produced energy. With the goal of obtaining a Wärtsilä approval for the Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 gas engine oil, the W20V34SG gas engine at the power plant of Rofeica Energia in La Pobla de Claramunt (Barcelona) was selected for an extensive field test. 

Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 passes the test with flying colors

Although the original test plan aimed for a test period of 4.000 hours, the actual trial period ended after a 13-month period with 8.411 operating hours without a drain. The final engine inspection took place between 22nd and 28th August 2022. During the inspection, three-cylinder stations were completely dismantled and thoroughly inspected. Although the testing period was more than twice as planned, the test results were remarkably good.

Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40
Photos from the field trial report on the Wärtsilä W20V34SG gas engine (Rofeica Energia power plant, La Pobla de Claramunt)


Wärtsilä approval for several engine types

As a result of the positive field test on the W20V34SG gas engine at the power plant of Rofeica Energia, Wärtsilä has published a No Objection Letter to officially approve Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 gas engine oil for the following engine types: 

  • Wärtsilä 175SG 
  • Wärtsilä 220SG 
  • Wärtsilä 25SG 
  • Wärtsilä 28SG 
  • Wärtsilä 31SG 
  • Wärtsilä 34SG 
  • Wärtsilä 50SG 
  • Wärtsilä 20DF 
  • Wärtsilä 31DF 
  • Wärtsilä 32DF 
  • Wärtsilä 34DF 
  • Wärtsilä 46DF 
  • Wärtsilä 50DF 

About the ‘keep clean’ technology of Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40

Q8 Mahler G5 SAE 40 is an excellently balanced gas engine oil, designed to perform in severe circumstances. The innovative ‘keep clean’ technology offers a range of benefits: 

  • Outstanding engine cleanliness 
  • Low oil consumption 
  • Excellent protection for the cylinder head valves and valve seats, significantly reducing the total operational costs 
  • Extended oil drain intervals due to high oxidation resistance 
  • Outstanding resistance against pre-ignition and knocking ensuring high engine efficiency