New OEM approval for Q8 Mahler GR gas engine oils

Joris van der List 3 November 2017 Energy, Gas Engine Oils, Peace of mind
Q8 Mahler Tedom

Field test proves long term oil stability

TEDOM approved Q8 Mahler GR as gas engine oil for the use in natural gas- and biogas engines. The approval was the outcome of two field tests in Italy, showing excellent results on oil stability.

Today’s gas engines demand lower emissions and higher efficiencies. To control engine cleanliness and oil consumption manufacturers need specific lubricants with a high oxidation-stability such as the Q8 Mahler GR-range.

Q8Oils OEM approval

Enhanced oil stability

The Q8 Mahler GR-range of high-performing gas engine oils excel in challenging environments. Thanks to the ‘clean technology’ these lubricants offer many benefits in terms of oxidation control and oil consumption. The quality of the Q8 Mahler GR oils remains stable, even in the long term.

Discover more benefits of the Q8 Mahler GR-range in our article ‘Specific Q8Oils gas engine oil solutions for biogas challenges’.

Field test proves enhanced oil stability

TEDOM performed 2 extensive field tests on a site in Italy:

  1. Test with Q8 Mahler GR5 in a natural gas engine TG 210 G5V TW 86
  2. Test with Q8 Mahler GR8 in a biogas engine TB 110 G5V TX 86

Both tests showed excellent results on oxidation resistance and oil stability. With extended oil drain intervals, the oil consumption of the installation was significantly lower as expected.

TEDOM Approval

Following the positive results of the field tests in Italy, TEDOM approved Q8 Mahler GR5 and Q8 Mahler GR8 as gas engine oils following the requirements of rule 61-0-0281.1.

From our expert Joris van der List

After working 8 years in the Q8Research institute in Rotterdam, Joris van der List joined Q8Oils in 2011. Next to being Technology Manager, he is expert in the Energy segment and has a background in mechanical engineering.

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