Breaking: Mahler GR8 receives new Jenbacher J920 approval

Alex Maltchev 27 September 2018 Energy, Gas Engine Oils, Own Research and Development
Q8 Mahler GR8

INNIO Jenbacher approved Q8 Mahler GR8 as the first high performance 0.8% S-Ash gas engine oil for the use in INNIO Jenbacher 9-series gas engines. The approval is the result of a series of field trials and in-house tests.

Q8 Mahler GR8 had already been approved for the INNIO Jenbacher 6 series steel piston engine. It seemed only logical that our high performance gas engine oil would be the perfect candidate to meet the high lubrication demands of the flagship of INNIO Jenbachers gas engine line, the J920.

Cost savings thanks to Q8Oils’ clean technology program

Our in-house test results showed that the Q8 Mahler GR8 gas engine oil is exactly designed to perform in severe circumstances. The innovative clean technology program offers a range of benefits:

  • Extended oil drain intervals due to high oxidation resistance resulting in lower operational costs
  • Low deposit tendency and good resistance against pre-ignition
  • Good acid neutralizing capacities as a result of high TBN retention
  • Excellent anti-wear properties, protecting against valve seat recession, ring sticking, rust and corrosion

Q8 Mahler GR8 is the only 0.8% S-Ash product approved to be used in high performance engines running on natural gas.

Official approval for use in INNIO Jenbacher 9 series

Thanks to the excellent laboratory test results, the Q8 Mahler GR8 was given the chance to prove its qualities in a series of field trials.

All the field trials and the in-house tests delivered nothing but excellent results. Consequently, the Q8 Mahler GR8 gas engine oil received the official approval for use in the INNIO Jenbacher 9 series engines.

This approval is yet another evidence for the qualities of the Q8Oils “Clean Technology” program. It puts the Q8 Mahler GR8 in the unique position with the first high performance 0.8% S-Ash product approved for use in the INNIO Jenbacher 9 series. Q8Oils adds this approval to an already impressive list of official OEM approvals, including MAN, Tedom, Caterpillar and MWM.

From our expert Alex Maltchev

Alex is expert in Gas Engine Oils, Turbine Oils, Compressor Oils and Marine Oils. He has a background in construction equipment and has been working for Q8Oils since 2012.

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