Peace of mind

Giving our customer peace of mind as a global player with an excellent support service.

How Q8Oils provides peace of mind

With more than 30 years of pioneering lubricant expertise, Q8Oils is the best option to guarantee that your energy applications operate smoothly and benefit from long-life protection. We make substantial investments in research, development and support services to make a real difference for our customers.

Developing lubricants is a craft. Our experts focus on identifying the best solutions for your energy applications, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best. We offer one-stop access to a comprehensive range of high-quality products, making it easy to manage all your lubrication needs.

OEM Approved

Q8Oils is at the forefront of offering innovative solutions in a constantly changing market. Our close working relationship with OEMs allows us to offer official approvals on our products, which form part of our quality standards. The Q8 Mahler series is approved by all leading gas engine OEMs.

State-of-the art blending plant

Q8Oils’ blending plants in Belgium and Italy are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. They are fully compliant with safety, security, health and environmental regulations.

Technical support

Q8Oils is the technical expert and solutions provider for the energy segment. As application and mechanical experts, Q8Oils can recommend the best oil for your specific application and operating conditions. Our analysis programme will help you maximise productivity and reliability. We also provide quality control and technical support for all Q8Oils products, as well as training on product quality and refinery operations.


Our experts offer advice on the best oil for your application. Customers also benefit from Q8Oils’ analysis program (QRAS) which helps you achieve optimal productivity and reliability.

Choose Q8Oils and you also choose...

Increading performance- Energy -Q8OIls

Lower operational costs

Increase productivity, limit downtime and gain competitive advantage.

Own R&D - Energy - Q8OIls

Own Research and Development

Q8Oils’ own R&D team develops bespoke formulations and specialised additive packages.