Seamless tube drawing on bench and block



Market-leading tube drawing lubricants

Germ-Allcard, one of the longest established and most respected brands in the tube drawing sector, is widely approved by machine manufacturers worldwide. It offers advanced tube drawing lubricants, both neat and soluble, for the bench and block drawing of copper, aluminium and alloy tubes.

The ranges include:


  • synthetic-based lubricants for the drawing of very hard speciality copper alloys
  • single shot medium or high viscosity non-ferrous drawing lubricants for all tube sizes


  • medium viscosity neat lubricant for drawing copper and copper alloy tubes, from shells to finished sizes, on draw benches and bull blocks. Developed for use in very humid conditions.
  • low viscosity neat lubricant with superior friction reducing characteristics and exceptional bright annealing properties


  • lubricants for the drawing of aluminium and aluminium alloys in circulatory lubrication systems. Suitable for all sizes, from large to capillary tubes

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