Own Research and Development

Q8Oils’ R&D team develops custom-made formulations and specialised additive packages for high performance gas engines.

Leader in TBN technology

TBN (Total Base Number) measures the basicity of a product. Product development means finding the perfect balance for a specific application. Our expertise in TBN technology will help you keep your engines clean and minimise the risk of downtime. Q8 Mahler helps enhance wear protection and TBN retention in Sagunto’s INNIO Jenbacher 230 GS-B.L.

High performance products

For more than 30 years, Q8Oils has developed and fine-tuned one of the best oils for gas engines. The Q8 Mahler series has always been ahead of technological developments to provide the best quality lubricant for your gas engine.

A clear choice for own development

We select every component in our Q8 Mahler gas engine oils and are in total control of quality, performance and future development. Our extensive product range means we can match and develop the best product for your application.

Choose Q8Oils and you also choose...

Increading performance- Energy -Q8OIls

Lower operational costs

With our help to improve your gas engine’s lubrication and maintenance, you can increase productivity, limit downtime and enjoy a competitive advantage.

Peace of Mind - Energy - Q8Oils

Peace of mind

As a global player with OEM approved, high-performance products and an excellent support service, we give our customers peace of mind.