Lubricants for wires of all sizes

Q8Oils manufactures a comprehensive range of fully synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants for all wire drawing operations under the Germ-Allcard brand, one of the longest established and most respected brands in the wire sector. Widely approved by machine manufacturers worldwide, these fluids are suitable for all types of machinery.

Copper wire drawing

Our Germ-Allcard Priamus and Wirol ranges provide the perfect balance of lubrication and machine cleanliness to give greater die and capstan protection, long emulsion life and uninterrupted production.

Aluminium wire drawing

The high-quality base oils used in our neat Aludra help provide excellent oxidation resistance and long life. Soluble Priamus fluids ensure a high standard of cleanliness in drawing machines.

Non-ferrous rolling

Our Cyroll and Priamus lubricants form highly effective stable emulsions for hot and cold non-ferrous rolling, including continuous hot rolling of cast copper and aluminium. The Q8 Bach R series is specially formulated for cold strip rolling.

Yellow metal protectives

These specialised products for greater protection of yellow metals include wax coat Copprotect for hot rolled continuously cast and upcast copper, as well as quenching protection products for copper alloy extruded tubes and profiles.

Stainless steel and speciality alloys

The Tantaroll range is designed for the wet drawing of stainless steel, nickel and speciality alloys in bar, rod, wire, section and profiles. It is suitable for all applications, including the manufacture of medical equipment.

Choose Q8Oils and you also choose...

Lubrication that delivers proven results

We offer a range of semi-synthetic emulsions and neat oils for drawing aluminium and aluminium alloys. The proven benefits and potential costs savings of using emulsions in aluminium drawing are outlined in technical papers by Q8Oils specialists with many years’ experience.

Vast experience in product development

Our extensive range of wire drawing lubricants, each fully compliant with global environmental and chemical legislation, ensures we can offer a suitable product for every non-ferrous application. We invest thousands of hours in product development, often using unique equipment for drawing applications to ensure the optimum balance of product performance with no compromise in high standards of safety for operators and with minimal impact on the environment.