Vast experience in product development

A holistic approach to product development

New product development is at the heart of Q8Oils’ business. Scientists, chemists and product application engineers at Q8Research combine their extensive knowledge to upgrade existing lubricants and develop innovative new products, drawing on feedback from the industry, OEMs and legislative bodies.

The consistent lubrication provided by our newer generation copper wire drawing lubricants has been proved by laboratory analyses and in live factory applications. In laboratory testing, artificial aging under stringent conditions is used to evaluate a drawing emulsion’s lubricating performance throughout its life.

Every department of Q8Research works in close harmony to create a single unit of expertise. This holistic approach enables Q8Research to offer a consultancy service for many other aspects of the lubricants industry, including  safety, security, health, environment (SSHE), market intelligence, legislation and training.

Q8Research has extensive knowledge in product data and material handling, and the team includes specialists in REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).  This knowledge is shared in documentation published in more than 40 languages to guide customers and partners in complying with legislation across different regions.

Our training programmes cover many areas of the lubricants industry, including wire and tube. Training is carried out in our specially equipped R&D laboratories or on-site at factories and offices around the world.

Q8Oils experts can advise wire drawing companies on simple steps to increase productivity of a wire drawing emulsion, including choosing the most suitable lubricant, monitoring and disposal. The result is increased machine cleanliness and longer lasting drawing dies, increased speed and higher output.

Choose Q8Oils and you also choose...

Lubricants for wires of all sizes

Q8Oils offers a choice of full synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants for the drawing of all wire sizes and material types from heavy-duty bar, trolley and rod wires to the smallest super-fine wire of 7 micron, 0.007mm, 60 AWG.

Lubrication that delivers proven results

We offer a range of semi-synthetic emulsions and neat oils for drawing aluminium and aluminium alloys. The proven benefits and potential costs savings of using emulsions in aluminium drawing are outlined in technical papers by Q8Oils specialists with many years’ experience.