Technical papers from Q8Oils experts

Q8Oils technical experts regularly publish papers and articles to assist our customers in gaining the maximum benefit from our products. These are papers that clearly highlight the benefits and potential cost savings of using emulsions in aluminium drawing.

How to measure productivity in copper wiredrawing

This article suggests how manufacturers can use copper wire drawing lubricants effectively to maximise production and reduce costs. Areas covered include understanding the technology behind the lubricant to manage it appropriately; testing; storage and correct mixing. It also stresses the importance of choosing a supplier who can offer technical advice, training and support.

The importance of emulsions for aluminum drawing

The wire drawing lubricant may be the smallest cost item in the production process, but it is also one of the most important. This paper considers how an aluminium wire manufacturer can increase production. It looks at the options of using a neat oil – used in drawing more than 90% of the world’s alloys – or an emulsion, which offers substantial benefits.

How fine is fine?

‘Superfine’ and ‘ultrafine’ are commonly used to describe sizes of fine wire. But how do you describe it in your wire drawing application and how does wire size relate to what you can see? This article looks at how Q8Oils has developed full synthetic products capable of drawing the finest wire to meet the growing technical challenges that manufacturers face.

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Lubricants for wires of all sizes

Q8Oils offers a choice of full synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants for the drawing of all wire sizes and material types from heavy-duty bar, trolley and rod wires to the smallest super-fine wire of 7 micron, 0.007mm, 60 AWG.

Vast experience in product development

Our extensive range of wire drawing lubricants, each fully compliant with global environmental and chemical legislation, ensures we can offer a suitable product for every non-ferrous application. We invest thousands of hours in product development, often using unique equipment for drawing applications to ensure the optimum balance of product performance with no compromise in high standards of safety for operators and with minimal impact on the environment.