We are generalist & specialist

For many decades Q8Oils has been developing and manufacturing lubricants for all possible applications. We combine our general market insights in a wide series of sectors with extensive expertise in developing specialized lubrication solutions.

At Q8Oils we want to develop high-performing lubricants, oils and greases for any application. We want to be the best in class in manufacturing:

  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Circulating oils
  • Lubricating greases
  • Food grade lubricants
  • Biodegradable lubricants
  • Heat transfer fluids
  • Pneumatic tool oils
  • Chain oils

Quality in everything we do

All our products are factory-made in our own manufacturing facilities. They are the result of elaborate research, development and testing. With our longstanding and broadly-recognised expertise we are able to produce tailor-made solutions for our customers in the most challenging and demanding fields.

Our technical service is guaranteed by a professional team of well-trained generalists and specialists in key sectors:

  • Energy
  • Metal manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • General maintenance lubricants

Personal customer services

Our aim is to be close to our customers. We do this by offering a personal and engaged service. Our customers benefit from a range of specific services:

  • In service cleaning agent
  • Tailor-made oil monitoring service
  • Oil bulk delivery with on board filter system or pre-filtered system

Interested in which specific services we have to offer for your application?

Specialized lubrication products

Next to the general lubrication products, Q8Oils offers a wide range of specialized oils, greases and lubricants for high-demanding applications or environments.

A few examples of our specialized lubrication products:

Hydraulic fluids
  • Energy saving and clean technology
  • Long drain interval of 4.000 to 6.000 hours
  • Build in oil leak detection by odour technology
  • Food grade hydraulic fluids for the food processing industry
Synthetic gear oils meeting the highest industrial gear oil standards (Siemens Flender) by using PAO free technology
  • High speed greases for bearing lubrication
  • Calcium sulfonates special grease with outstanding water resistance: for high temperatures, severe conditions and high demanding applications

Available in:

  • lube shuttle cartridge: easy to handle; clean and cost effective
  • bulk
  • High temperature grease till 260°C
  • Biodegradable and Food grade greases
Circulating oils
  • Special developed wet and dry-end circulating oils for paper machine; exceeding the specifications of leading OEM Voith and Valmet
  • Morgoil circulating oils surpassing the SMS and Danieli requirements
High temperature synthetic chain oils up to 260°C with clean technology and reduced deposit forming (used in plastic- and wood panel manufacturing and conveyor systems)
Joris Leyers

From our expert Joris Leyers

Joris is expert in Hydraulic Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Greases, and Circulating Oils. He has knowlegde of the paper mill industry and an interest in vintage Vespa scooters. Joris has been working for Q8Oils since 2003.

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