8 reasons why Q8 Brunel is the next generation of metalworking fluids

Joris van der List 30 January 2019 Metalworking, Soluble Cutting Fluids
Photograph showing metalworking fluid being used

1. Offering an advanced health & safety profile

Our first priority is the health and safety of the machine operator and other people within the vicinity of the machine. Our Q8 Brunel range is designed to provide the optimum balance of protection against microbiological contamination without the need for using unnecessarily harmful chemicals providing a safe working environment.

2. Developed to comply with current & future legislation

Q8 Brunel range is fully compliant with European environmental and chemical legislation. The complete Q8 Brunel range of metalworking fluids (MWFs) is free from the use of boric acid, boron, and chlorinated paraffin, formaldehyde releasing biocides, nitrites and secondary amines that have been recognised as hazardous to health or the environment.

3. Innovatively designed including the most sophisticated additive technology

Q8 Brunel XF 343 has been developed to meet the demands of modern machining technology as industry introduces advanced materials, faster cutting speeds, higher fluid pressures, and emerging tool technologies.

Q8 Brunel XF 343 is a recent example of Q8Oils’ innovative technology that is based on the three key customer requirements — product performance, environmental protection and operator health. It was developed specifically for the aerospace market’s need to machine difficult materials such as aluminium alloys including 7000 series, titanium alloys, Inconel and copper alloys.

4. A wide product range suitable for all applications & materials

With a portfolio of over 10 products, Q8 Brunel MWFs include a varied selection of base fluid and additives. This means that you are sure to find the most suitable product for your operations to obtain optimum machining efficiency and a quality of finish.

5. Expertly formulated to be bio-stable and provide a long sump life

Following extensive research and intelligent design our Q8 Brunel range is formulated with the most advanced additive technology designed to be naturally resistant to microbial contamination from bacteria and fungi. This extends the life of the fluid and provides a safer healthier working environment.

6. Finally tuned to be stable and be long lasting in all water conditions

Q8 Brunel XF 343 has excellent wetting and detergency characteristics. Mixed with water of any degree of hardness, it will produce a fluid of exceptional stability, with a long sump life and an extremely low drag out on the swarf resulting in significant fluid cost savings.

7. Proven to provide a reduction in long term operating costs

Nobody wants to be continually changing the MWF in their machines, so Q8Oils is readily available to help you select the best product to balance your application needs with a fluid that ensures safety, tool sharpness retention, and required quality of finish at an economic price. High lubricity, biological and chemical stability, and increased sump life with retention of tool sharpness, are combined in Q8 Brunel products to reduce your long-term operating costs.

8. Designed to be operator friendly with an alluring appearance and no objectionable odours

The Q8 Brunel product range has been carefully developed with the operator in mind. As well as considering the functionality, the operator will not experience objectionable odours, residues and excess oil so improving the operator experience.

From our expert Joris van der List

After working 8 years in the Q8Research institute in Rotterdam, Joris van der List joined Q8Oils in 2011. Next to being Technology Manager, he is expert in the Energy segment and has a background in mechanical engineering.

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