Metalforming fluids for all applications

Marc Polfliet 2 November 2020 Metalworking, Forming

Q8Oils offers a range of mineral and synthetic metalforming fluids under the Q8 Brahms brand for all applications.


Q8 Brahms Application Recommended products
1000 series Easy operations on standard bolts and fasteners
2000 series High demanding operations on fasteners Q8 Brahms 2240 is a specially developed cold forming oil for high demanding forming operations on single and multiple stage presses for manufacturing fasteners.
3000 series Light to medium severe forming operations Q8 Brahms 3130 is a medium viscosity, chlorine-free, non-active type metal forming oil, containing lubricity and extreme pressure additives.
4000 series Severe forming operations Q8 Brahms 4838 is a forming oil for severe cold forming and stamping operations, e.g. on all types of fasteners. It fulfils the requirements for machine lubrication.
5000 series Very severe forming operations Q8 Brahms 57 is a range of forming fluids designed for very severe and/or extremely demanding forming operations of normal and stainless steels, such as bending and deep drawing of very thick sheets.
6000 series Extrusion and cupping operations
7000 series Vanishing products Q8 Brahms 7004 is recommended for light duty forming, high speed punching and general presswork where minimal residues are required on ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
8000 series Special forming operations
9000 series Water soluble and/or emulsifying forming/drawing fluids Q8 Brahms WS 9500 is a white, water miscible stamping and forming fluid, free from mineral oil and based on new synthetic technology with very low odour. It is an excellent product for normal to severe forming applications on steel, aluminium and copper parts, in particular small and fine parts for the automotive industry and structural parts.

Mineral metalforming oils

Mineral oils are the most widely used lubricants for metalforming. They are an efficient and cost-effective solution. The viscosity of mineral metalforming lubricants can easily be adapted to the application and severity of forming. The advantage of mineral oil-based forming fluids is that some of them can also be used for lubricating the machine.

Synthetic metalforming oils

Synthetic forming fluids are very important. These can be a solution to some very difficult and demanding forming applications. Their safety profile, such as the flash point and VOCs, is generally very good.

Cyldraw 1500E is a high-performance high viscosity, chlorine-free and non-active synthetic drawing lubricant.

Emulsifiable fluids and solutions

Achieving excellent lubrication with water-based fluids is more difficult, but not impossible. Q8Oils has developed a unique new technology water based stamping fluid, Q8 Brahms WS 9500. In forming and stamping operations of yellow metals, aluminum, steel, high tensile steels, galvanised steels or stainless steel the following issues may occur:

  • Clean air and human exposure issues – conventional vanishing fluids are based on light solvents with a low flash point and very high volatile organic compound (VOC) values. Even when these fluids are odorless, they release carbon into the air which is exposed to operators and the environment.
  • Welding and painting problems – after drawing, the solvent should evaporate and leave a dry invisible residue. There is still a small residue on the metal sheet. Determining the concentration of the solvent left on parts is not easy. These leftovers can cause carbon deposits on the piece after welding or result in painting failures.
  • Cleaning – pieces still containing the residue of solvent based lubricants may be difficult to clean.

The newest technology: Q8 Brahms WS 9500

Q8 Brahms WS 9500 is a water miscible product that does not release VOCs or other organic substances into the air, which is much safer for employees and their work environment. Q8 Brahms WS 9500 does not leave a deposit on the formed piece, which can cause welding or even painting failures. Pieces can easily be cleaned with hot water. Your forming machinery will have less deposit build-up in and on the machinery, which will save you maintenance costs.

It was developed by Q8Oils using a new technology containing synthetic performance additives and the base fluid is just water. This solves human exposure and clean air issues, as there are no solvents present. It is suitable for extreme performing additives to stamp metal sheets up to 4 mm (0,157 inch) in different stages without leaving a dry film which causes welding or painting issues. For this product, Q8Oils selected performing additives which are 100% mineral oil free and do not leave a carbon deposit.

With this new technology yellow metals, galvanised steel (2 mm thick) and high tensile steel (4 mm thick) can be stamped. Even stainless steel of 1 mm can be perforated with this new stamping fluid. Q8 Brahms WS 9500 can be used neat or diluted, depending on the severity of the application and material to be formed.

Please contact Q8Oils if you think that Q8 Brahms WS 9500 could be an option for your process. We will be happy to support you with a trial.