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Joris van der List 27 February 2018 Metalworking, Anti-corrosion

Q8Oils has renewed its Q8 Ravel range of corrosion protection fluids. The result is four new products in different fluid classes. Each Q8 Ravel product has different features and can be applied for other applications and in various working conditions.

The new Q8 Ravel products are based on the most suitable base fluids and one common new additive platform. The following corrosion protection fluids will be introduced in the first quarter of 2018:


Dewatering property Film forming type Protection time (indoor) Flash point (C) Main feature
Q8 Ravel DTX 1203 Solvent based High Oily / greasy 12 months 80 Excellent dewatering
Q8 Ravel TX 630 Oil based Medium Oily 6 months 190 High flash point
Q8 Ravel WX 1202 Solvent based Medium Waxy 12 months 60 Long term protection
Q8 Ravel T 803 Solvent based Medium Waxy 8 months 48 Cost effective

Solvent based film forming fluids

Three of the new Q8 Ravel products are solvent based corrosion protection fluids. The solvent based film forming additives are deposited on the metal surfaces by the evaporation of solvents. The traditional solvent based corrosion protection fluids are still very effective and commonly used. The fluids have low viscosities, which together with appropriate additive treatment enables wet surfaces to be de-watered as part of the corrosion protective process.

This type of corrosion protection fluids are used for removing moisture from surfaces and dewatering fluids providing inter-stage protection for components directly after machining with water miscible cutting fluids.

When applying solvent based coatings you should consider the following aspects:

  • Flash point: The solvents are usually light hydrocarbons. The shorter the carbon chain the lower the flash point and the faster the drying time.
  • Health Hazards: Solvent based fluids in confined areas, and contact with the skin, can present health hazards.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC): The solvents used in these fluids can be classified as Volatile Organic Compounds, and may cause photochemical smog. In many countries there are directives in place to control the use of VOC’s, and government is actively promoting elimination or reduction of VOC’s.
  • Removal / Degreasing: Removal of the softer and lighter films is usually by conventional solvent or water based degreasing fluids. Hard deposits are usually removed by solvent based cleaners.

Q8 Ravel DTX 1203

The Q8 Ravel DTX 1203 is a solvent based oily/greasy film forming fluid with an excellent dewatering property able to remove damp patches from machine tools and metal parts such as moulds, guides, metal sheets, tubes, bolts, valves, screws, grinded pieces, coils, hinges, locks , chromed pieces etc.

The Q8 Ravel DTX 1203 offers a long indoor protection time of 12 months and a flash point above 80°C.

The Q8 Ravel DTX 1203 has been extensively tested and compared to a market leader benchmark product in the laboratories. These are the test results:

Sample ID Market leader Q8 RAVEL DTX 1203
benchmark product
Salt Spray Test
Hours to fail
Panel 1 0-6 / 0-1 48-64
Panel 2 0-6 / 0-1 48-64
Water Separation Test
Time (mins) 6:35 3:00
Water Layer slightly hazy clear
Organic Layer hazy clear
Water Displacement Test
1:1 Oil Dilution Pass Pass
Water Contamination Pass Pass
Stack Stain Test
Neat Pass Pass
Emulsion Fail Pass


Check out the article The development of the new Q8 Ravel range for more insights on the test results of the Q8 Ravel DTX 1203.

Q8 Ravel T 803

The Q8 Ravel T 803 is a solvent based waxy film forming fluid that offers cost effective long term rust prevention. The product forms a soft and thin protection layer which makes it easy to remove. Thanks to its low drying time, both handling- and production time can be reduced. The Q8 Ravel T 803 is designed for good corrosion protection in salt environments. It meets the latest legislative requirements related to unaccepted chemicals. With its mild odor, the product will be easily accepted by operators.

In the following table you can find the Q8 Ravel T 803 specifications and test results:

Property Test Unit Result
Appearance Clear brownish fluid
Kin. viscosity@40°C ASTM D445 mm2/s 3,6
Film type Visual Waxy
Density@15°C ASTM D4052 kg/l 0,833
Flash point PM ASTM D93 °C 48
Total film forming content Calc. %m/m 38


Q8 Ravel WX 1202

The Q8 Ravel WX 1202 is a solvent based waxy film forming fluid with a long term protection property of 12 months. This corrosion protection fluid offers a medium dewatering property.


Q8 Ravel TX 630

The Q8 Ravel TX 630 is an oil based soft film forming fluid with a high flash point. Because this product is based on a non-solvent oil type, it does not have the disadvantages of solvent-based products. It makes the Q8 Ravel TX 630 a clean and safe product to work with. With medium dewatering property and a protection time of 6 months, this oil offers good a corrosion protection capacity.



The renewed Q8 Ravel range offers a wide variety of high-performing corrosion protection fluids. All products meet the latest industrial requirements and have been extensively tested in the laboratories.


Choosing the right corrosion protection fluid is one way to prevent corrosion. Read the article ‘3 Ways to prevent corrosion’ to learn more about corrosion protection.

From our expert Joris van der List

After working 8 years in the Q8Research institute in Rotterdam, Joris van der List joined Q8Oils in 2011. Next to being Technology Manager, he is expert in the Energy segment and has a background in mechanical engineering.

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