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Stuart Duff 5 September 2018 Metalworking, Strong Customer Relationships, Wire Drawing
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Q8Oils develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of soluble and neat lubricants for the drawing and rolling applications of wire, rod, bar, strip, tube and profiles. The Germ-Allcard brand is amongst the most established and best respected in the wire & tube sector, with more than a 200 years combined heritage and a founding member of the International Wire & Machinery Association.

Our products are suitable for all known machinery and carry approval and recognition from many machine manufacturers. As a valued customer you not only benefit from high-quality products, but also our award winning technical support and after sales service.

Copper Wire Drawing

The PRIAMUS and WIROL copper wire drawing lubricants are formulated to provide the optimum balance of lubrication and cleanliness. This balance provides greater die and capstan protection, long emulsion life and consistent production eliminating manufacturing downtime.

Non-Ferrous Rolling

The CYLROLL and PRIAMUS lubricants form stable and highly effective emulsions for the hot and cold rolling of non-ferrous rod and strip.
The range includes specific grades for hot rolling of continuously cast copper and aluminium on Southwire, SMS/Hazelett/Contirod and Properzi mills. Complementing the range are the Q8 BACH R series of Neat Rolling Oils for the cold rolling of strip.

Yellow Metal Protectives

These are specialised products for the increased protection of yellow metals.  They include wax-coat COPPROTECT for the protection of hot rolled continuously cast and upcast copper also quenching protection products for copper alloy extruded tubes and profiles.

Aluminium Wire Drawing

Soluble and Neat drawing lubricants for aluminium and aluminium alloys.

  • The neat ALUDRA oils are based on high quality base oils providing excellent oxidation resistance of the lubricant and promoting a long life.
  • The soluble PRIAMUS aluminium drawing emulsions provide very clean drawing machines and working condition.

Aluminium Conductor Grease

High performance greases specially developed to protect overhead conductors from corrosion, oxidation and surface fretting.

Stainless Steel and Speciality Alloys

TANTAROLL lubricants for the wet drawing of stainless steel, nickel and speciality alloys in bar, rod, wire, section and profiles for all applications including medical.

Welded Tubes & Profiles

Q8 BERLIOZ and Q8 BRUNEL products for the forming and rolling applications of tubes and profiles, also the SCUDO corrosion protectives for all material types.

Tube Drawing

CYLDRAW and CYLDOL tube drawing lubricants for the application of single shot/total loss and circulatory systems. These advanced lubricants are for the bench and block drawing of copper, aluminium and speciality alloy tubes.

Ancillary Products

Includes System Cleaners, Biocides, pH buffers, Annealer Fluids, Compaction Lubricants and Copper Protectives.

From our expert Stuart Duff

Stuart has been working for Q8Oils since 1985 and is very experienced in all aspects of Metal Manufacturing.

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