Q8 Brunel – a revolution in water soluble machining and grinding fluids

Marc Polfliet 29 May 2017 Metalworking

Q8Oils has launched Q8 Brunel, its latest revolution in water soluble machining and grinding fluids. The Q8 Brunel range has been developed to out–perform all other fluids and has already been successfully tried and tested with manufacturers across Europe. It is formulated to be fully compliant with latest European industry legislation providing a range of products that are free from boron, boric acid, chlorinated paraffin, secondary amine, formaldehyde releasing biocides and nitrites.

“Following extensive research and both laboratory and field-trial testing, we have reinvented the way in which the industry approaches soluble metalworking fluid chemistry by developing a completely new approach that focuses on three key customer requirements – product performance, environmental protection and operator health. Q8 Brunel is so advanced that it has the potential to reduce the operating costs for every customer.”

Stuart Duff, Q8Oils product line manager

The result is a revolution in high performance, water soluble machining and grinding fluids with advanced safety features. Thousands of hours have been invested in laboratory testing and field trials to ensure Q8 Brunel is a revolution in soluble metalworking fluid technology, and it is fully compliant with European environmental and chemical legislation.

All Q8 Brunel grades comply with TRGS 611 and are suitable for use in hard and soft water where they display low foaming properties. They are ideal for high speed machining applications and the demanding fluid delivery pressures found on modern machine tools; and it is here where significant tool life improvements are achievable.

From our expert Marc Polfliet

Marc has been working for Q8Oils since 1991 and knows all about Cold Rolling Oils, Forming Oils and Neat Removal Metalworking fluids.
He is also familiar with products for Anti-corrosion, Wire Drawing, Water Soluble Removal Metalworking fluids and Quenching.

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