Q8Oils and LH Services team up to visit manufacturers in Czech Republic

Marc Polfliet 6 January 2022 Metalworking

In Czech Republic, Q8Oils recently teamed up with LH Services – our new sole distributor for MWF products across Czech Republic and Slovakia – to visit leading metal manufacturers.

Marc Polfliet, Customer Development Team Manager Metalworking at Q8Oils, said: “Making joined visits to customers and prospects is beneficial for LHS and Q8Oils. It shows LHS the commitment to support and service the business and Q8Oils learns more about the needs and requirements of LHS’s customers and prospects. These joined visits show customers and prospects the strong partnership between both companies.”

The companies visited included a well-known copper wire producer, several manufacturers of automotive parts, specialized workshops and specialist in machinery for the glass and food industries.

Libor Hromádka, Managing Director of LH Services, commented: “Each manufacturer we visited had its own specific requirements of a metalworking lubricant. These included better performance, increased biostability or enhanced safety for its operators. Whatever the issue, we can offer them a top-quality lubricant from Q8Oils to meet their needs.”

From our expert Marc Polfliet

Marc has been working for Q8Oils since 1991 and knows all about Cold Rolling Oils, Forming Oils and Neat Removal Metalworking fluids.
He is also familiar with products for Anti-corrosion, Wire Drawing, Water Soluble Removal Metalworking fluids and Quenching.

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