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Stuart Duff 15 March 2018 Metalworking, Strong Customer Relationships, Wire Drawing

Q8Oils’ drawing solutions are the result of more than 100 years of product development and application experience. Our chemists and engineers take a unique, innovative and progressive approach to develop different products for different applications and to provide guidance and support in solving customer challenges.

Decades of extensive research & development

New product development is at the heart of Q8Oils’ business. Q8Oils research ensures continuous technological innovation, utilising feedback from the industry, OEM’s, as well as legislative bodies, Q8Oils’ team of scientists, chemists and product application engineers combine their extensive knowledge of lubricants to develop new products and to upgrade the technology of existing.

Q8Research is the focal point ofQ8’s SSHE culture and we have extensive knowledge in product data and material handling. Our team includes specialists in REACH (Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals).


Our extensive training programmes cover many aspects of the lubricants industry which includes wire & tube. Training is carried out at our research and development laboratories, which have specially equipped facilities. Alternatively, our lecturers can run training courses on site, in factory or office anywhere in the world.


Technical Service and Support is to assist the customer maintaining the product to deliver the best performance in the application, our technical support can include all aspects of the process and not just Condition Monitoring Analysis:

  • Product recommendation
  • Emulsion preparation and water quality advice
  • Health and safety advice
  • Emulsion disposal advice
  • System design and filtration recommendations
  • Technical helplines
  • Etc…


Complete solution for all applications

Next to thorough guidance, advice and support, Q8Oils offers a lubrication solution for any need in the industry. Examples of our solutions are:

Copper wire drawing

The copper wire drawing lubricants are formulated to provide the optimum balance of lubrication and cleanliness. This balance provides greater die and capstan protection, long emulsion life and consistent production eliminating manufacturing downtime.

Annealing fluid

Annealer Fluid LF is a fully synthetic, water-soluble additive that is entirely free from mineral oil and conventional fatty soaps. It is recommended for use in the cooling water of continuous annealers for both plain and tinned copper wire production.

Aluminium wire drawing

We provide a range of products for the drawing of Aluminium and Aluminium alloys, suitable for slip, limited slip and non-slip drawing applications in high and slow speed wire drawing machines. Lubricants for the drawing of Single or Twin Rod, Intermediate, Fine and Super Fine applications are available and these provide benefits of long lubricant life and enhanced brightness of the drawn aluminium. Within our range we can offer options to our customers, either to use a NEAT or SOLUBLE OIL for the drawing applications.

From our expert Stuart Duff

Stuart has been working for Q8Oils since 1985 and is very experienced in all aspects of Metal Manufacturing.

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