How fine is fine?

Stuart Duff 4 April 2018 Metalworking, Wire Drawing
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How fine is fine?

In the wire drawing industry, the terms superfine and ultrafine are commonly used to describe sizes of fine wire, but how do you describe it in your wire drawing application, how also does wire size relate to life and what you can see?

A human hair is typically 100 microns in diameter and we as humans with our eyes can see to approximately 50 microns.

However, In the wire drawing industry, we draw down to typical size diameters of 50, 22, 18, 15 and 10 microns commonly for electronic applications, but 8 and now 7 microns (0.007mm, AWG 60), this is something different…

Synthetic wire drawing lubricants were developed by our company in the 1980’s of which we were one of, if not the first to develop this technology for magnet wire producers .

The use of an oil free fully synthetic WIROL wire drawing lubricant provides exceptional cleanliness and balanced lubrication in the applications of fine and super fine wire drawing in all material types to sizes of less than 15 microns.

This application is typically used by speciality wire producers in the fine and super fine industry for electronics, speciality cables and magnet wires and until recently the smallest size drawn with WIROL was actually 10 microns (0.010mm or AWG 57.5).

A human hair is typically 100 microns diameter
A human hair is typically 100 microns diameter

Introducing Q8Oils Germ-Allcard WIROL 2200 which is a new technology full synthetic, high lubricity drawing lubricant capable to draw the finest wire and the finest quality. WIROL 2200 can draw various alloys to sizes of 7 microns, (0.007mm or AWG 60)

It is developed to provide more than 15% extra lubricity for the challenging material types in the applications of super fine wire drawing.

Typical material types include: copper, aluminium, tin plate, silver plate, nickel plate, precious metals, pure nickel, nickel chrome and speciality materials.

As the years developed the demand of fine and super fine drawing specialists have increased: cleaner wire, enhanced die life, faster drawing speeds, improved surface finish, different material types… Q8Oils has consistently met and still exceeds all of the technical challenges with its full synthetic WIROL products.

WIROL 2200, WIROL 2150, WIROL 2020 & WIROL 2000LFG meet your demands and Interconnectivity as well as Industry 4.0 can be achieved by using the speciality full synthetic drawing lubricants of Q8Oils.

The Q8Oils, Germ-Allcard PRIAMUS and WIROL range of Rod, Intermediate, Multiwire, Fine and Super Fine wire drawing lubricants are sold to customers in all parts of the world, over 90 countries. The drawing lubricants provide long life, high lubrication and balanced cleanliness for all applications and are compliant with RoHS.

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From our expert Stuart Duff

Stuart has been working for Q8Oils since 1985 and is very experienced in all aspects of Metal Manufacturing.

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