Metalworking fluids – the complete Engineers Guide

Water miscible and neat metalworking fluids are some of the most complex liquid sorts around in terms of chemistry and working environments. To help users on how to manage metalworking fluids, Q8Oils published the ‘engineers guide to using soluble metal manufacturing fluids’.

As these fluids are very complex, their maintenance is also more difficult than the standard lubricant. To support the users and customers in this respect, Q8Oils has published a pocket guide. With this engineers guide we want to answer our customers’ needs for practical information about the complex world of metalworking fluids and their maintenance.

Metal manufacturing from A to Z

The guide serves as a convenient manual for users of metalworking fluids and addresses the maintenance of these liquids, the typical properties, definitions and the use of tools such as concentration measurement, and more.

Questions about the engineers guide?

Managing metalworking fluids

It also informs users on how to manage metalworking fluids at every stage, from ‘’cradle to grave”. The pocket guide concentrates on giving practical advice and working instructions on the following aspects:

  • What are emulsions and fluids for metalworking, drawing and rolling?
  • Storage of metalworking fluids
  • Mixing of metalworking fluids
  • Maintenance of metalworking fluids
  • Handling precautions for metalworking fluids
  • Treatment of infections
  • Disposal of metalworking fluids
  • Cleaning procedures
  • Safety, security and health instructions
Marc Polfliet

From our expert Marc Polfliet

Marc has been working for Q8Oils since 1991 and knows all about Cold Rolling Oils, Forming Oils and Neat Removal Metalworking fluids.
He is also familiar with products for Anti-corrosion, Wire Drawing, Water Soluble Removal Metalworking fluids and Quenching.

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