Our oil analysis service

Q8 Routine Analysis Service (better known as QRAS) – is the added value service Q8Oils offers to its customers & partners. Via the analysis, customers can lengthen the life of their engine or machine, reduce operating costs and help optimize the lubrication program. Frequent oil analyses helps prevent serious damage or breakdowns by indicating what action should be taken and how urgent the action is.

QRAS enables preventive maintenance and thus reduces repair costs and avoids production downtime, which is key in all industries and sectors. It also allows to analyze problems statistically and can indicate possible causes of a problem.

What does QRAS do:

  • Monitors oil condition to predict oil drain
  • Monitors equipment condition
  • Helps to detect problems early
  • Enables effective maintenance planning
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduces machine downtime

QRAS is available to all our customers. The Q8Oils sales manager or product engineer will demonstrate how the system works and the benefits for your business. Submitting samples for test could not be easier; using one of our test kits, which you keep in stock, you send your sample to our laboratories in the Netherlands. You then receive your test result by email, or you can log on to your personal area on our website to check your current and past results.

Interested in a QRAS analysis?

Which information does it contain?

  • Fixed Information
    e.g. Machine, reference number, oil type
  • Variable information
    e.g. Machine hours, kilometers driven, including historical data
  • Machine condition
    e.g. wear metals – Fe, Cu, etc
  • Oil sample analysis
    e.g. viscosity, PH levels, TBN
  • Recommended action
  • Historical data
    graphical format
David De Mesmaeker

From our expert David De Mesmaeker

David has been working for Q8Oils since 2008 and is an expert in Heavy Duty Diesel Oils, Passenger Car Motor Oils, Automotive Transmissions, Agri & Off-Road and Anti-Freeze products.

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